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Camille Amador
Camille Amador

Graduate Student Research
Colorado School of Mines

Camille (nickname “Chiqui”) was born and raised in West Philly. After reading Carl Sagan’s “Science as a Candle in the Dark” and watching the entire "Cosmos" series, Chiqui decided she wanted to become a scientist. After high school, she moved to Boulder, CO and completed a degree in Chemistry with a Biochemistry minor. During her tenure at CU Boulder, Chiqui developed a passion for protecting the environment and climbing mountains. She has since climbed twenty-four of Colorado’s fifty-eight 14ers, although the 13,000’ peaks are her real zeal. Among her many passions are the outdoors, science, and sustainability.


Developing a Mathematical Model for Linking PFAS Reactivity to Chemical Structure

In the past couple decades, much research effort has been put into developing technologies geared towards either separating or chemically degrading PFAS in contaminated waters. This project takes PFAS remediation a step further by attempting to develop a mathematical model to predict PFAS reactivity using chemical structure. Experimental methods such as laser flash photolysis and constant irradiation batch reactors, as well as analytical techniques such as LC-QToF-MS, are used to obtain second-order rate constants of a suite of structurally diverse PFAS with the highly-reducing hydrated electron. Meanwhile, density functional theory is used to calculate molecular properties of these compounds in hopes to identify quantitative structure-activity relationships of PFAS. Specifically, experimentally derived reaction rates are analyzed with computationally derived molecular properties by principal component analysis to determine a relationship (equation) between the two. This relationship will allow for the prediction of reaction rates by chemical structure.

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