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Anilkumar Krosuri
Anilkumar Krosuri

Research Assistant
University of Idaho

Anilkumar Krosuri is a PhD student at the University of Idaho, majoring in Environmental Science & Engineering. His goal is to develop and implement novel environmental technologies to protect the environment and people from the risks of contamination. He works in the research group of Dr. Sarah Wu, his research is to develop a novel catalyst assisted liquid-phase plasma discharge process for the removal of organic pollutants in water. Apart from being a research assistant, he work as an instructor for the Introduction to Environmental Science course. He holds a masters degree in Environmental Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University.


Efficient degradation and mineralization of methylene blue via continuous-flow electrohydraulic plasma discharge

"A novel, continuous-flow electrohydraulic plasma discharge (EHPD) process characteristic of establishing a stable discharge through the conducting channel in the center orifice of a dielectric plate was developed and investigated to degrade methylene blue (MB) in water. The effect of three operating parameters, i.e., liquid flow rate (37-94 ml/min), air flow rate (1-4 L/min), and initial dye concentration (10-100 mg/L), on the MB degradation efficiency was evaluated. The results indicated 100% degradation of MB was achieved within 10 min of treatment for all MB concentrations tested and the mineralization showed 92.5% COD removal for 100 mg/L MB. The energy efficiency for different operating parameters was in the range between 0.16g/kWh-0.81g/kWh at 50% conversion. The overall results indicated that the novel, continuous-flow EHPD is a robust and highly effective process for degradation and mineralization of MB, a potential technology that can overcome the limitations of advanced oxidation processes for wastewater treatment.

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