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Zohre Kurt
Zohre Kurt

Assistant Professor

She received her bachelor degrees in Environmental Engineering and Chemical Engineering. She continued her studies in Georgia Institute of Technology where she got her masters in Environmental Engineering and Chemistry and Biomolecular Engineering and completed her PhD in 2012. After working as a postdoctoral fellow in Georgia Tech, she joined Florida State University in Panama. Here she served as researcher, lecturer and consultant at FSU Urban Risk Center, Institute of Scientific Research and High Technology, Technical University of Panama, Engineering Works and Agrofino Corp. Currently she is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental Engineering at METU.


Sustainable remediation of heavy metal contamination in the urban areas

Santa Isabel, Colon is one of the remote areas in Panama where drinking water scarcity is a big issue and water distribution system is not present. This study tested if simplified methods could be used to treat contamination in the water. Several field samples were analyzed for a consecutive 2 years to estimate the contamination in the field. The possible remediation the field was estimated by biochar columns and batch kinetic and equilibrium experiments. The results indicated that using the biochar prepared from coconut shells can be used to remediate the iron and copper present in the water. This method provides a sustainable solution of copper and iron remediation by using a waste material for biochar production and application both in the households and in the field. These types of applications are solutions especially for remote areas where water treatment plants are not an option.

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