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Todd Halihan
Todd Halihan

Oklahoma State University

Dr. Halihan is a Professor of Geology at Oklahoma State University and Chief Technical Officer for Aestus, LLC. Dr. Halihan’s professional interests center in subsurface characterization. Dr. Halihan’s has worked on over 200 different research and commercial sites in over 30 U.S. states and overseas. His international research work has occurred in Australia, Brazil, Iraq and Mexico along with a number of other countries on a commercial basis. He was the 2018 National Ground Water Association’s McEllhiney Lecturer. He has provided input to stories on CBS, Fox News, NPR, CNBC, Popular Science, the New Yorker and the New York Times.


Improve Effectiveness and Reduce Cost of Remedy Performance Monitoring

Contaminated sites are investigated and monitored using well data to evaluate fluid levels and chemical concentration changes over time. The number of wells installed typically relies on available budgets instead of scientific criteria. Continuous plane electrical monitoring from the ground surface downward allows subsurface changes to be monitored precisely and at ultra-high resolution to scan for altered conditions without sampling a significant number of wells. If reactions or contaminant flux occurs, detectable electrical changes will occur in the subsurface indicating changing conditions potentially of interest to project stakeholders. This may trigger sampling of an existing well or installation of a new and precisely located borings/wells to confirm composition of the change. If no changes are occurring electrically, the data indicate that subsurface conditions are not changing significantly enough to require additional downhole monitoring. Case studies of temporal electrical monitoring will be presented to illustrate these concepts.

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