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Sriram Madabhushi
Sriram Madabhushi

Remediation Subject Matter Expert
Booz Allen Hamilton

Mr. Madabhushi has over 30 years of experience as a hydrogeolosit (regulator and consultant). After managing projects in UST, CERCLA and RCRA programs in the state of South Carolina for 16 years, he has been supporting the Air Force Environmental Restoration Programs as a Remediation and System Optimization Specialist on expert technical review teams for over 12 years. He has also supported DLA and U.S. EPA with technical and project management support by developing, reviewing project documents, conducting field oversight, system deisgn and remedy implementation. He participated on several ITRC teams and currently serves on ASTM International’s E50 Committee Board.


Status of PFAS Standards from ASTM International

ASTM International, the pre-eminent voluntary standards developing organization is working on several standards related to PFAS. These standards complement regulations, policies and practices that other agencies and organizations. Existing standards being revised for PFAS issues:

New standard guides are being developed to support managment of PFAS issues/sites:

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