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Ryan Moore
Ryan Moore, CHMM

Sr. Technical Manager, PFAS Program Manager

Ryan Moore has more than 19 years of experience as an environmental project manager and laboratory account executive relating to multimedia contamination sites throughout the U.S. His experience focused on in situ groundwater and soil treatment, site investigations, corrective action evaluations, operation & maintenance of remediation systems, large soil removal remedial projects, vapor intrusion assessments, and environmental laboratory operations such as QA/QC evaluations, data interpretations, and business development. He has also presented at multiple conferences on in-situ remediation including events hosted by Battelle, AIPG, and other environmental associations. Ryan holds a B.S. of Environmental Studies from Manchester College, North Manchester, IN.


Colloidal Activated Carbon for in situ Remediation of PFAS: A Review of Multiple Case Studies

This presentation reviews data from multiple field sites where colloidal activated carbon has been utilized to remediate PFAS contamination. Sites discussed include the Solvents Recovery Service of New England Superfund site, and a former furniture manufacturing facility in Canada, among others. Further important questions, including the ability to distribute the colloidal activated carbon in the subsurface, the long-term efficacy, and design considerations, will also be addressed.??

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