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Patrick McKeown
Patrick McKeown

Corporate Technical Director

After graduating from the University of Maine with a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Mr. McKeown spent 4 years in the environmental engineering field, focusing on wastewater and stormwater design. Mr. McKeown then joined ECT2 as an engineer on the design and fabrication team, building and operating systems treating PFAS contaminated water on project sites around the globe. After earning his Professional Engineering license in Maine, he transitioned to the business development team, where he currently manages the northeast and southeast United States markets.


Aviation Contamination - Remove PFAS From The Waste Stream At An Airport

After an increased the focus on PFAS management at an airport in the Northeast US, the airport looked to install a PFAS treatment system that could handle the challenging deicing fluid and remove PFAS prior to discharging to the sanitary sewer. Deicing fluid is difficult to process as the high glycol and biological activity can easily foul conventional systems. A 20-gpm containerized system was provided to meet the primary project objective of producing water with combined PFOS+PFOA concentrations below the 70 ng/l Health Advisory Level (HAL). The compressed schedule resulted in a rapid deployment of the system which started treating water only 4 weeks after purchase order. The PFAS remediation system has treated more than 400,000 gallons of deicing fluid. The effluent quality from the SORBIX M6 system has been consistently non-detect for the 6 monitored PFAS compounds, including the short-chain species, achieving compliance with the 70 ng/l HAL target.

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