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Midhum Joy
Midhum Joy

Research Scientist
Air Liquide

I am a Research Scientist in the Life Sciences group at Air Liquide Research and Technology Center, Delaware, USA. With PhD in Chemical Engineering from Lehigh University, I have been working on various water treatment technologies which involves the utilization of ozone and free radicals for the chemical oxidation of organic and inorganic pollutants in water. My major achievement in this domain has been the development of Ozone strong water technology, which is a recipient of 'Efficient Solution label' from the Solar Impulse foundation.


Ozone Strong Water system : An optimized approach for ozonation processes

The use of ozone for water treatment applications relies on the high oxidation potential of ozone and free radicals to mineralize the organic and inorganic pollutants in water. The Ozone Strong Water system refers to an innovative ozonation approach developed within Air Liquide. The major distinguishing factor of this technology compared to other ozonation approaches is the generation of a high concentrated and stable ozone solution in water as a liquid oxidant (up to 300 mg/l dissolved ozone), further enhanced by the use of specially designed injection nozzles capable of guaranteed homogeneous mixing of the generated OSW with the process water. This ozonation scheme guarantees a reduction in operating costs and capital investment in comparison to the current approaches. The project is a recipient of Solar Impulse label ( which identifies it as one of 1000 solutions identified world-wide that can protect the environment in a profitable way.

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