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 Melvin Mathew
Melvin Mathew

Engineering Manager
Dynamic Water Technologies

Melvin Mathew is a renowned young Chemical Engineer working presently with Dynamic Water Technologies, a national electrochemical water treatment solutions company. He pursued his Masters in Chemical Engineering from the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University. He is a certified Six Sigma professional with over 100 projects worked on in industrial process optimization and lean processes. Melvin has published over half a dozen research papers and holds four US patents in the fields of: Bio-Fuel production, process optimization, air pollution control, water treatment, and carbon-capture and storage systems.


Continuous Management of Cooling Tower Water Systems using Electrochemical Treatment

Cooling Towers and associated heat exchangers are primary HVAC workhorses for an enclosed spaces. Water consumption in these cooling systems account for >45% of the building's net water use. With the present drought conditions in the southwest and associated logistical issues in providing clean drinking water to consumers, any and all methods to save water are to be considered closely. My presentation will speak to a water treatment system that uses electrochemistry that dates back to the 1800's which can and has been employed successfully in the United States to save water in these spaces. Older technologies used in water treatment primarily employ addition of chemicals. This method run cooling towers somewhere between 2 and 5 Cycles of Concentration (i.e. one gallon of water can be cycled up to 5 times in a cooling system). The new technology I will be presenting can achieve >10 cycles of concentration.

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