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Poster Presenters - Lucas Jardim
Lucas Jardim

Environmental Engineer

Environmental Engineer specialized in Management of contaminated areas, currently Environmental Coordinator at Arcadis Brasil, carrying out Site Assessment and Restoration work. He has experience in site characterization and restoration of contaminated soil and groundwater, working on projects throughout Brazil. He has experience in applying new metric approaches to site management with LNAPL, application of High Resolution tools for site characterization. Member of the Nicole Network in Latin America in the Conceptual Models group.



Pilot test of combined techniques to optimize the remedial approach of a LNAPL contaminated site in Brazil

This complex steel plant in Brazil, located on a shale rock alteration soil/aquifer, has several areas impacted by petroleum hydrocarbons such as BTEX and PAHs. Initially, it was performed a Smart Characterization® approach to build a mass-flux based conceptual model and map the NAPL presence areas. A Pilot test of Dual Phase Extraction (DPE) were conducted with treated and oxygenated groundwater recirculation to accelerate the soil flushing optimizing the mass removal rates and biodegradation. After 5 days of test, combined air sparging was used, aiming to increase the rates of mass removal in the residual/adsorved mass. The results demonstrated good applicability for the combined techniques, 2 kg of contaminant mass was removed, 43% of the total mass removed during the combined DPE and AS techniques.


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