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Laure Soos
Laure Soos

Project Manager
TRS Group

Lauren has over 17 years of experience in the environmental consulting and remediation industries, focusing on soil and groundwater remediation. Over 10 years ago, as an environmental engineering consultant, Lauren was exposed to the fast-paced implementation and certainty of in situ thermal remediation (ISTR) and became obsessed with the technology. Shortly after, Lauren joined TRS Group (TRS) and has been directly involved with over a dozen of ISTR projects throughout the United States. As an engineer and manager in the TRS operations and technical sales teams, she oversees ISTR design, implementation, and operations.


In Situ Thermal Remediation at Complex Sites

In situ thermal remediation (ISTR) applications in New Jersey and Maryland involved implementation under complex construction constraints with drilling activities under an operating manufacturing building and active railroad tracks. At the New Jersey site, the 28,000 cubic yard (yd3) source zone is under a sensitive manufacturing facility. Due to the 16-foot ceiling height restriction, the drilling contractor used roto-sonic rigs combined with limited access mast conversions. At the Maryland site, the 49,000 yd3 treatment volume was beneath and divided by a public roadway and two railroad tracks, significantly increasing the complexity of the system design, construction, and operation. The presentation will focus on the technical complexities of constructing and operating ISTR systems at challenging sites, describe the various tools available to manage these complex remedies, share lessons learned and discuss results.

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