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Kent Sorenson
Kent Sorenson

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Sorenson is an internationally recognized expert with over 25 years of experience developing and applying innovative remediation technologies for water, soil, and sediments in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. His advancements include six U.S. patents related to in situ remediation. Dr. Sorenson has recently been honored by the American Society of Civil Engineers with the 2020 Henry L. Michel Award for Industry Advancement of Research. As Chief Technology Officer at Allonnia, he is responsible for a technology development portfolio leveraging nature to overcome challenges in emerging contaminants, metals and mining, carbon sequestration and plastics.


First Demonstration of Surface Active Foam Fraction (SAFF) for Treatment of PFAS-Impacted Landfill Leachate in the US

Surface active foam fractionation (SAFF) is an adsorptive bubble separation technique that can remove amphiphilic species such as PFAS dissolved in an aqueous solution. Amphiphilic molecules tend to adsorb on the surface of rising bubbles where the air-water interface accommodates both their hydrophobic and hydrophilic portions. As SAFF requires no media and is not inhibited by high dissolved organic carbon or dissolved ion concentrations, it is a very attractive solution for removing PFAS from landfill leachate, which requires expensive pre-treatment when using conventional technologies for PFAS separation. After several successful full-scale deployments at landfills in Europe, SAFF was demonstrated at a US landfill site for the first time in the summer of 2022. Both the laboratory treatability and full-scale pilot test results will be presented.

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