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Keith Foster
Keith Foster

Process and Applications Engineer

Keith Foster brings over 8 years of environmental services industry experience to the ECT2 team where he leads as Sales & Applications Engineer and Process Operations Specialist. Prior to this, Keith worked in Senior Geologist roles for both Haley & Aldrich and URS/AECOM. Keith holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Geology from the University of California, Berkeley. Recently, Keith joined colleagues to author a peer reviewed article titled 1,4‐Dioxane: Emerging technologies for an emerging contaminant published in Remediation: The Journal of Environmental Cleanup Costs, Technologies, & Techniques.


Synthetic Media System Cleans Chlorinated Solvent Impacted Soil Vapor and Groundwater

Industrial manufacturing facilities are often sources of environmental contamination from historic use of chemicals during production. In many cases, the responsible party is no longer financially capable of paying for remediation, highlighting the need for novel cost-effective technologies capable of cleaning the environment to acceptable standards. Depending on the chemicals present, innovative technology is required to successfully remediate these sites, eliminating future liability and return the property to beneficial use. This paper presents the evolution, from pilot testing, capital equipment installation, and full-scale results, of a project to remove Chlorinated Volatile Organic Compound (cVOC) contamination from soil and groundwater using Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) and Dual Phase Extraction (DPE), coupled with regenerable synthetic media.

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