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Kate McSherry
Kate McSherry

Project Manager

Kate McSherry is an Environmental Scientist and Project Manager at the CGRS branch located in Grand Junction, Colorado. Ms. McSherry has over 10 years of professional environmental experience and she currently specializes in site assessment and remediation. Her experiences encompass a variety of tasks, including NEPA surveys, petroleum storage tank consulting, aquifer characterization, soil and groundwater remediation, and regulatory compliance. Kate is a graduate of Portland State university with a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and a graduate degree in Hydrology.


Site Remediation Using In-Situ Hydrogen Peroxide Solution To Treat Vadose Zone Soils (Poster Presentation Abstract) - Kate McSherry & Murray Brown, P.G.

Hydrogen peroxide based in-situ injections provide a means to address impacted clayey vadose zone soils located between two UST tank basins. Direct push injections targeted vadose zone soils impacted by benzene and gasoline range organics (GRO) and successfully reduced contaminate load to levels below the risk based cleanup levels. The Cool-Ox® hydrogen peroxide injection event was performed in March 2020. Soil samples were collected to define the remaining vadose impacts prior to the injection event. Benzene concentrations up to 29.7mg/kg and GRO concentrations up to 13,486mg/kg were reported in the proposed treatment area. The injection points were performed at specific depth intervals to address the target area. Following the injection event, confirmation soil samples were collected. Benzene concentrations up to 4.93 mg/kg and GRO concentrations up to 1,292 mg/kg were reported. Results of the confirmation soil sampling event documented reductions in vadose contaminant levels below the risk based cleanup levels.

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