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Jurgen Buhl
Jurgen Buhl

Sales Manager
Cornelsen Umwelt GmbH

Jurgen Buhl has been involved in soil and groundwater investigation and remediation for 30 years. He has a a degree in Geology and Paleaeontology from the Gutenberg University in Mainz/Germany. Most recently his efforts have been concentrated on development and implementation of new technologies for PFAS treatmemnt and removal.


PFAS in Fire-fighting Water - A Treatment Comparison

PFAS in fire-fighting water contain more than just the normal PFAS compounds because capstones and precursors can and will play a role when treatment is required. Unfortunately, concentrations of some of the parameters that can generate a significant impact on treatment are often unknown. Furthermore, in such a liquid the PFAS concentrations are quite high and compounds like DOC will somehow influence the treatment technique that is applied. Subject of a study was the treatment of fire-fighting water with GAC and IX but it was tested with and without an additional pre-treatment of the liquid. The data of the study show the difficulties and limitations resulting from the composition of that water. The implementation of a treatment train represents the most reliable and most efficient approach.

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