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Julio Vilar
Julio Vilar

Geologist and Projec Coordinator

Julio is a geologist and project coordinator at site evaluation and restoration department at Arcadis in Brazil. He has 8 years of experience in environmental consulting and his background involves site characterization, including investigation strategy, Conceptual Site Model development, use of High-resolution tools like (MiHPT, OiHPT, Whole core Soil Sampling - WCSS, LIF, passive soil gas sampling and Vertical Aquifer Profiling), transport/ storage zone characterization and Classical geologic interpretation. Since 2018 he has been focused his studies and applications in Smart Characterization® approach, EVS (Earth Volumetric Studio) – environmental three-dimensional modeling software from Ctech and in fractured bedrock characterization.


Stratigraphic Flux®: a new approach to focus on the mass that matters most

This site located in Brazil has been subject to traditional characterization since 2006. However, the site needed quick decision making as the organochlorine plumes were migrating off-site. This required the creation of a more accurate CSM, based on relative mass flux – Stratigraphic Flux - differentiating the mass that readily moves from the slow-moving mass to accelerate the remediation step. Therefore, the Flux-based CSM revealed that, although groundwater and soil impacts are spread across the entire transects, more than 60% percent of the mass flux discharge occurs within less than 20 percent of the 2 most important cross-sectional areas. The remediation approach, enhanced DPE combined with Dynamic Groundwater Recirculation, focused on the most important targets, have already been removing a large amount of organochlorine mass, 2000 lb, in the first 17 months of operation, showing a successful application of mass flux approach once the plume has been reduced 70%.

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