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Jim Fenstermacher
Jim Fenstermacher

Remediation Technical Expert

Mr. Fenstermacher is a thought leader on the fate, transport, and remediation of per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS). As the co-leader of Ramboll’s PFAS Subject Matter Expert team, he regularly interfaces with academia, provides branding and supports business development efforts regarding PFAS issues. In addition, he provides project teams across the company with remediation technical expertise including, technology selection and design, training and mentoring staff, and participation across multiple technology practice groups.

Forensic Lines of Evidence at a Complex PFAS Site

An industrial facility in the Northeast US spray-applied specialty PTFE coatings onto medical instruments for over 40 years. The facility was identified by state regulators as a presumed source, however other industrial facilities, a fire training area, and landfills have since been identified to also be locally present. Our work focused on the use of a lines-of-evidence approach to the mechanisms behind the observed spatial distribution of PFAAs and other PFAS compounds like HFPO-DA (“GenX”), ADONA, NMeFOSAA, and NEtFOSAA to differentiate potential sources of PFAS. The tools used included air dispersion modeling, assessment of hydrogeologic transport processes, mass contribution estimates and collection of numerous samples across multiple environmental media, and a multivariate statistical analysis of patterns in the relative abundance of commonly detected PFAAs compounds. This work has led to a robust understanding of contributing sources and regional impacts from multiple facilities to the regional environment.

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