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Jesse Manley
Jesse Manley

Senior Scientist

Jesse Manley completed his graduate studies at the Colorado School of Mines and has more than 15 years of experience in the environmental consulting industry, primarily with Arcadis. Mr. Manley has a broad range of experience with industry and client types (federal and state governmental agencies, private industry, oil and gas, mining, etc.), including a variety of treatment technologies and contaminant types.


Enhancement of Biological Reductive Dechlorination Rates Via Solar-Powered Low-Temperature Heating

More than two decades ago, subsurface characterization activities identified significant contamination [primarily chlorinated volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at more than 100 milligrams per liter] associated with two former underground storage tanks located at the Colorado Department of Transportation’s Materials Testing Laboratory facility in Denver, Colorado. After several years of operating an in-situ enhanced bioremediation system (EISM), contaminant concentrations across much of the source area were reduced by several orders of magnitude. To further enhance VOC degradation rates and reduce the treatment timeframe, solar-powered low-temperature subsurface heading via borehole heat exchangers was applied, resulting in enhancement of physical, biological, and chemical processes that attenuate, degrade, and remove contaminants. After less than 18 months of operation, subsurface temperatures were raised by up to 15oF and degradation rates increased nearly tenfold. This will greatly shorten the time until the transition from active remediation to passive natural attenuation for the source zone.

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