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Jesse Manley
Jesse Manley

Senior Scientist

Jesse Manley completed his graduate studies at the Colorado School of Mines and has more than 15 years of experience in the environmental consulting industry, primarily with Arcadis. Mr. Manley has a broad range of experience with industry and client types (federal and state governmental agencies, private industry, oil and gas, mining, etc.), including a variety of treatment technologies and contaminant types.


Thermal In-Situ Sustainable Remediation (TISRSM) To Enhance Biotic and Abiotic Reactions at the Former Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) Materials Testing Lab (MTL) Facility

Craig Divine, Kim Heinze, Derek Rosso, Jesse Manley (Arcadis); Scott Andrews (Weaver); Theresa Santangelo-Dreiling (CDOT)

In-situ technologies for chlorinated solvents are well-demonstrated; however, sites with complex geological environments and persistent groundwater plumes continue to be a challenge for treatment of chlorinated solvents, limiting the pace of remediation. These sites can benefit from new approaches that:

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