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Jennifer Kingston
Jennifer Kingston

Sr. Project Manager
Haley & Aldrich, Inc.

Dr. Kingston serves as a Senior Project Manager with Haley & Aldrich in our Overland Park, Kansas office. She has more than 12 years of experience working on environmental engineering projects. She has worked on projects with activities including remedial investigations, vapor intrusion, risk assessment, dye trace studies, focused feasibility evaluations, and remedial construction. Her expertise includes in-situ thermal remediation technologies, advanced oxidation processes, and sparging technologies.

Dr. Kingston’s doctoral work included compiling and data-mining information on over 180 thermal projects, including performance metrics and lessons learned, as an Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP)-funded project. This research included field investigations at five thermal sites to determine post-treatment groundwater concentrations and mass flux. It also provided a basis for realistic expectations of thermal treatment based on temperature achievements, treatment time, as well as post-treatment groundwater quality.


Full Scale Regenerable Resin Treatment Systems for Vapor and Groundwater Treatment – A Case Study

Haley & Aldrich and ECT2 developed and implemented California’s first groundwater and the United States first vapor regenerative synthetic media systems to treat elevated cVOC concentrations, primarily TCE and c12DCE. The remedy comprises 40-gpm vacuum enhanced groundwater extraction combined with 950 SCFM soil vapor extraction. Extracted groundwater is treated using AMBERSORB™ 560 synthetic media before discharge to the sewer and soil vapors are treated using OptiporeTM V503 synthetic media before discharge to the atmosphere, with average removal efficiencies of over 99% and minimal waste streams other than cVOC product. Transducers and remote monitoring allow for real-time review and adjustment of groundwater extraction. The synthetic media systems commenced in 2019, have operated with ~95% uptime and have met all discharge requirements. Our presentation will discuss the system operations, optimization, the performance data generated after about 2 years of operations, and lessons learned.

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