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Jeff Henke
Jeff Henke

Senior Technical Director, Remediation
Weston Solutions, Inc.

Mr. Henke is a Texas-licensed PG specializing in site characterization and remedial strategies for achieving risk-based closure of contaminated soil and groundwater.


Use of Advanced Site Characterization to Refresh a Conceptual Site Model in Mid-Project at a Crude Oil LNAPL Recovery Project

Incorporating High-Resolution Site Characterization (HRSC) into a conventional soil boring and well installation program in mid-remediation at a remote crude oil pipeline release site revealed the limitations and strengths of conventional characterization approaches while also efficiently addressing data gaps in the understanding of permeability pathways, hydrocarbon extent, and saturation boundaries in a highly heterogeneous geologic framework. The employed approach was designed to optimize conventional historical boring log data and refresh the conceptual site model in a manner that addressed interpretation uncertainties, improved the site characterization accuracy, and narrowed the focus of the required remediation program.

Following presentation of these topics, this workshop will discuss how the ITRC fractured rock document incorporates principles from the 2015 ITRC Integrated Site Characterization document and also how the ITRC 2011 Integrated DNAPL Site Strategy can be used at fractured rock sites Overall, this workshop will show attendees how to use these ITRC resources to develop a fully integrated site strategy and apply robust decision making to improve characterization and remedy implementation at fractured rock sites.


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