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Glen Vallance
Glen Vallance


Glen Vallance is a Principal and Environmental Services Manager at CGRS’s corporate headquarters located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Mr. Vallance has over 16 years of professional environmental experience and he currently specializes in site assessment and remediation. His experiences encompass a variety of tasks, including surface water quality studies, petroleum storage tank consulting, property due diligence assessments, Phase I and II ESA’s, soil and groundwater assessment, aquifer characterization, and regulatory compliance and SPCC. Glen is a graduate of Colorado State University’s Natural Resources Department with a Bachelor’s degree in Watershed Science.


Site Remediation Using Segmented Horizontal Well Systems in Areas without Ready Access

Horizontal well systems provide a means to intersect the strata of most plumes efficiently while providing more linear contact area than vertical wells. Utilizing segmented horizontal well systems offer discrete control over pre-defined intervals, filling data gaps and allowing for adjustments as needed. The flow rate to or from each segment can be individually controlled, allowing for variable treatment thus improving remediation efficiency. This technology was selected utilizing air sparging (AS) and soil vapor extraction (SVE) to remediate a site impacted with diesel and gasoline range organics in a dissolved phase and LNAPL configuration. Installation went under highways, roadways and complex infrastructure, maintaining full operational status of the business and traffic movement. Following only five quarters of operation and the required post remedial monitoring period, regulatory closure was granted. The estimated mass of volatile organic compounds removed from subsurface soils under buildings, infrastructure and roadways was estimated at 5,453 pounds.

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