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George Ivey
George Ivey

President & Senior Remediation Specialist
Ivey Interantioanl Inc.

George (Bud) Ivey is the President and Senior Remediation Specialist with Ivey International Inc.. He has over twenty-five years of environmental remediation experience, and has worked on more than 2500 environmental projects, taking him to over 50 countries globally. His multi-disciplinary education includes: Organic Chemistry, Geological Engineering, and a Master’s Certification in Project Management. Noticeable accomplishments include: • Holding several International Patents; and • Has receiving several International Environmental Awards; When he’s not busy remediating contaminated sites, he enjoys trail running, hiking, kayaking, and the pairing of good wine and food in the company of friends!.


Surfactant Enhanced Extraction (SEE) at LNAPL and DNAPL Impacted Sites Pilot to Full Scale Applications in United States and Europe

There are multiple oxidants to consider when designing an ISCO remedy. Each oxidant has strengths and limitations. This presentation will demonstrate how oxidant selection can be driven by unique site conditions and how careful planning and dynamic implementation can highlight an oxidant’s strengths and minimize its limitations. An aging network of utilities was concern for the ISCO remedy. For this reason, sodium percarbonate, a less aggressive oxidant, that would not react with subsurface piping, was selected. While percarbonate has the advantage of being non-corrosive, it has limitations including oxidative strength and shorter subsurface reactivity. 46,000 pounds of reagent were injected during a six-month period over multiple events. This approach significantly increased contact time between the oxidant and COCs and took advantage of soil flushing properties of the oxidant to desorb soil contamination. Groundwater sampling data demonstrated a significant reduction in COCs with >70% of monitoring locations exhibiting decreases averaging >85%.

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