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Fiona Laramay
Fiona Laramay

Graduate Student
Clarkson University

Fiona is a Ph.D. candidate in Environmental Science and Engineering in Michelle Crimi's lab at Clarkson University.


Development of a Sonolytic reactor for In Situ PFAS Remediation: Preliminary Laboratory Study Results

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) have contaminated water supplies globally as a result of industry and fire training activities. PFAS are highly recalcitrant and common water treatment technologies cannot be used for their remediation. Recently research has focused on destructive technologies, so-called because they can fully degrade PFAS. This research has focused on preliminary lab studies of a sonolytic reactor intended to be placed in a horizontal well. Passive flow into a horizontal well would eliminate the need for pumping. The design does not require media that must be regenerated or incinerated. The intention is to evaluate the reactor as a method of energy efficient PFAS degradation. PFOA was degraded 60% in 3 hours and PFOS was degraded 78% in 5 hours under air rather than argon. Work continues to close the fluoride mass balance, treat PFAS contaminated groundwater (>90% degradation), and tune operating parameters for maximum efficiency.

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