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Erik Bosmans
Erik Bosmans

Project Manager

Erik Bosmans is a Bio Engineer from the University of Gembloux (FUSAGx, Belgium). From 2005 – 2018, he worked as project manager for various environmental consultants, with the last 4 years as team leader for the Brussels branch at Geosan. In 2018, he joined iFLUX startup working as a project manager. Erik has a profound knowledge of soil mechanics, (hydro)geology and chemistry. His technical expertise includes all matters related to groundwater dynamics and contamination behavior, fieldwork and performing the flux measurements as well as data interpretation and reporting.


Flux measurements for dimensioning a passive remediation of an urban canal with reactive mats

Interreg’s RESANAT project promotes nature-based remediation techniques for residual soil contamination. This project concerns a watercourse threatened by groundwater pollution originating from former industrial activities on its banks. The contaminant migration causes an ecological risk and highly polluted sediment had to be removed. To tackle the inflowing contaminated groundwater, a hydraulic conductive reactive mat has been placed on the riverbed that makes use of the natural draining function of the waterbody, adsorbs the contaminants and is a habitat for micro-organisms that biodegrade contaminants. First, the situation in the field has been characterized by flux measurements with iFLUX cartridges and sediment bed passive flux meters, combined with analysis of soil structure, concentrations of contaminants in groundwater and surface water. This study allowed us to correctly size the mat and choose the most suitable adsorbent material for the filtration/degradation of the pollutants

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