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Elizabeth Bishop
Elizabeth Bishop

Technical Specialist
Haley & Aldrich, Inc

Ms. Bishop is an environmental chemist who has worked and researched in the environmental remediation field for over a decade.  Ms. Bishop specializes in complex abiotic and biotic remedial design and implementation at sites with a wide variety of geologic settings, contaminant groups, and broad range of concentrations.  She also excels at in-depth evaluation of geochemical, analytical, and microbiological data.  She specializes in evaluation and implementation of in-situ treatment strategies at diverse sites nationwide and evaluation of the effectiveness of abiotic and biotic attenuation.  Ms. Bishop enjoys data evaluation, puppies, and solving the puzzles that are contaminated sites.


Persistent low-mobility LNAPL addressed with chemical oxidation and enhanced NAPL recovery

Generations of industrial/commercial use since the 1800s resulted in overlapping and interconnected foundations and utilities throughout the subsurface of a site located in a densely populated Boston neighborhood. High Resolution Site Characterization revealed historic structures and process equipment dating back to the steam-power days and identified releases of free-phase petroleum, polychlorinated biphenyls, asbestos-containing material as well as chlorinated volatile organic compounds in soil, groundwater and former structures at concentrations indicative of the presence of dense non-aqueous phase liquid.  An aggressive remediation program was designed to meet an accelerated development schedule while keeping vapor emissions down to safe levels to protect the adjacent school and neighborhood. The remedial response included soil blending, initial groundwater injections and a second, polishing, round of groundwater injections, using different blends of electron donor and zero valent iron. Bioaugmentation was not necessary because native populations of dehalococcoides bacteria were found in concentrations generally indicative of bioaugmentation.

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