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Derek Pizarro
Derek Pizarro

Senior Product Manager
AST Environmental, Inc.

Mr. Pizarro obtained a B.S. in Geology from Lafayette College and is a Certified Professional Geologist. He has over 16 years of experience in environmental applications, specifically heavy metals remediation, enhanced bioremediation, contaminant transport studies, and reagent bench-scale testing and design for environmental sites and industrial clients. He recently served as Products Director for a performance chemical manufacturer, developing chemistries for treatment of inorganic contaminants (soil mixing) and reforming existing products to develop slurry injectates, primarily for PRBs. Mr. Pizarro is a technical board member for the RE3 Conference, SAME Young Member, and former American Foundry Society- Environmental Committee member.


Combining Advanced In Situ Remedial Technologies to Mitigate Free Phase Hydrocarbons Trapped Below Structure

Free phase petroleum hydrocarbons are extremely difficult to mitigate when released immediately adjacent to structures because the product migrates and accumulates within the more porous structural fill and utility conduits in sorbed, globule, and free phases. A treatment train of three proven technologies were combined for the first time ever to eradicate the free phase product: (1) surfactants, which disrupt the soil-groundwater partition and degenerate globules to allow for push-pull recovery, (2) sorption and stabilization to a non-indigenous microbial-inoculated activated carbon-based amendment for enhanced and accelerated biodegradation, and (3) sustained bio-augmentation via in-situ bio-reactors to expedite and further accelerate the enhanced bio-degradation component. Shifts in chemical, geochemical, and abundance, activity, and migration of microbial populations (indigenous and non-indigenous) have been quantified throughout the treatment train, and the synergistic efficiency of these combined remedial technologies over a one-year period will be presented.

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