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David Strainge
David Strainge

Business Development Manager - Department of Defense

Mr. Strainge has 39 years of professional experience in the areas of environmental management, environmental investigation, and remediation project management. He has managed projects involving air pollution control, wastewater treatment, potable water treatment and supply, and numerous environmental remediation projects. Prior to joining ECT2, Mr. Strainge managed remediation programs at closed Air Force installations, provided environmental engineering support to the US Air Forces Headquarters in Europe, and managed all aspects of the Loring AFB environmental compliance program. He was responsible for developing and installing the Air Force’s first PFAS remediation system at the former Wurtsmith AFB.


Soil Washing and its Potential Application at Sediment Sites Impacted by Surface or Subsurface Dishcharge of PFAS Contamination by David Strainge and Steve Becker

Brice and ECT2 are conducting a treatability study for the washing of PFAS-contaminated soil and sediments at Peterson AFB, CO. The intent is to understand and demonstrate the mechanisms of using solvents to remove PFAS from contaminated soil. The goal of the project is to demonstrate the ability to remove PFAS from soil with wash solutions. Bench scale testing will be conducted to develop the most appropriate washing solution. Once completed, on site excavated soil will be treated to remove PFAS. Wash water will be collected and treated using ECT2’s SORBIXTM RePURE PFAS treatment system and returned to the process. Process water will be treated to less than 0.070 μg/L PFOS + PFOA. Results demonstrate the viability of soil washing as an option for removing PFAS from soil and site source areas as well as regenerable resins effectively treat process water while avoiding exorbitant costs for media disposal.

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