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Daniel Nagata
Daniel Nagata

Senior Environmental Analyst

: Daniel has 6 years of experience in environmental consulting and holds BS degree in Environmental Engineering and specialization in Remediation of Contaminated Sites. Currently works as a Senior Environmental Analyst at ARCADIS Brasil, and his background involves Thermal Remediation projects (ERH and ET-DSP), environmental assessment, including Smart Characterization® with High-resolution tools (e.g. MIP, HPT, Whole Core Soil Sampling, Laser Induced Fluorescence, Vertical Aquifer Profiling), and 3D Visualization software (e.g. CTech’s Earth Volumetric Studio).


Refining the LNAPL Conceptual Site Model using Smart Characterization approach in a complex Pharmaceutical industry in São Paulo - Brazil

Diesel oil leakage is one of the most common contaminant sources in Brazil; however, due to soil heterogeneity and weathering conditions, the impact delineation can be a challenge when applying conventional approaches. In order to overcome some gaps in traditional investigation, applying high-resolution and dense data acquisition is highly recommended. The study’s data was obtained from a Pharmaceutical industry located in São Paulo where traditional site investigation techniques (e.g. monitoring wells) had been used over the past 10 years creating an inaccurate LCSM. The Smart Characterization approach was applied for a quick mapping with the combination of some smart tools such as LIF-UVOST, MiHPT, and Saturated Soil Sampling along with Mass Flux and 3D modeling software. This approach provided a real-time three-dimensional understanding of the impact and demonstrated a cost-effective and assertive option to refining the LCSM, enabling a pilot test to remedy the masses of hydrocarbons that matter most.

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