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Poster Presenters - Craig Divine
Craig Divine

Vice President

Craig Divine is a Technical Expert and Vice President at Arcadis in Irvine, CA. Craig has more than 25 years of experience remediating large groundwater plumes utilizing a wide range of technologies. He has developed and field-tested many innovative characterization and remediation technologies, including partitioning interwell tracer tests, LNAPL tracer testing, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, and the Horizontal Reactive Treatment Well (HRX Well) technologies. He earned a bachelor's degree in Biology from Wheaton College, a master's degree in Watershed Science from Colorado State University, and a doctoral degree in Hydrogeology from the Colorado School of Mines.



Development and Testing of the Sentinel™ Passive Sampler for PFAS Measurement in Environmental Waters

Recent research has demonstrated that non-ion-exchange polymeric adsorbents (commercially available as Osorb®) have broad specificity and high adsorption capacity for tested PFAS species (C4-C10), and therefore may be ideal media for use in passive samplers. The sorbent has both fluorophilic and ion-exchange functionality that allows a high affinity for long-chain and short-chain PFAS. Fluoroalkyl groups are adsorbed to a hydrophobic swellable organically modified silica. The pores of the porous organosilica adsorbent contain a cationic polymer that binds anionic groups on perfluoro carboxylates and sulfonates, improving the affinity of short-chain compounds. This presentation will report on the development and testing of the new Sentinel™ (patent pending) passive sampler that uses the well-characterized Osorb adsorbent media to reliably measure PFAS for a wide range of environmental waters.


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