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Chengy Gwengo
Chengy Gwengo

Principal Scientist

Dr. Chengy Gwengo is an Inorganic Chemist by training. He develops synthetic methods that employs intensive utilization of available resources to make earth-friendly chemical products. He is currently developing a platform for converting wasted foods into useful chemicals.


Discarded food 'resources' as chemicals manufacturing feedstocks

Tons of food gets rejected and dumped daily. Food rescuers get about a portion (~10%) of rejected foods, animal feed processors only accept about 3% and the rest (50-60%) ends up at our landfills. Apparently food wastes are nutrient dense, they're rich in proteins, minerals, carbs, fats, etc. Slow decomposition of these nutrients generate methane, a greenhouse gas and the cycle gets repeated daily across the world. The earth cannot afford this anymore, our health suffers, and our municipalities struggle to cope with landfilling costs. We need solutions now to divert food wastes from going to landfills. BuFuran Materials is developing chemical methods that use food waste as the primary raw material for manufacturing short chain organic acids and their derivatives. We hope to convert about 100 tons/year of food wastes into chemicals.

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