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Wes Wiley
Brian Hoye

Section Manager
Burns & McDonnell

Brian a Remediation Section Manager in Burns & McDonnell’s Environmental Services Practice. In this role, Brian leads a team of engineers and scientists working on environmental site investigation and remediation projects with a focus on cost-effective in situ remedies that utilize Process-Based Conceptual Site Models and optimized delivery methods to drive remedy performance.


Practical Approaches to ISCO Delivery Promote Informed Dosing Calculations Across Multiple Sites

This presentation will present three case studies to provide insight into practical approaches to in situ delivery and dosage calculations. These projects were selected to present ISCO and activated carbon applications with different objectives and varying site conditions. The presentations will describe measures that were taken at ISCO sites to optimize oxidant delivery and reduce the risk of under- or overdosing their project site as well as how amendment delivery strategies may be optimized using mass-flux based conceptual site models.

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