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Bob Roth
Bob Roth

Sr Engineer

Mr. Roth has been a civil/environmental engineer for 35 years specializing in soil and groundwater remediation, landfill remediation, and vapor mitigation system design. He has managed the design, construction, and operations of 40+ soil and groundwater remediation projects for industrial and commercial clients with costs ranging from $25K to $12M. EPA innovative technologies he has implemented include SVE, air sparging, dual phase extraction, multi-phase extraction, groundwater pump and treat, ISCO, bioventing, biosparging, methane mitigation, and vapor intrusion mitigation. Mr. Roth has a BS in civil engineering, and MS and PhD in environmental science, all from Rutgers University.


Design Rational for Selecting Vacuum Blower Flow Rate and Inlet Vacuum for Active Sub-Slab Vapor Mitigation Systems

Pilot tests can be conducted in existing buildings for retrofitting buildings with an active vapor intrusion mitigation system (VIMS). However, for proposed buildings, VIMS designers must rely on theory, literature, or results of pilot testing at other sites. Pilot tests were conducted at eight sites in six states with 44 sets of data that were used to estimate the sub-slab radius of vacuum influence (ROI) as affected by vacuum blower flow rate and inlet vacuum. The results of the pilot tests show that required inlet blower vacuums necessary to attain an ROI based on EPA criteria are orders of magnitude higher than cited in guidance documents by others. Additionally, the flow/area ratios cited in design documents by others are one order of magnitude higher than shown in this study.

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