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Poster Presenters - Bharat Chandramouli
Bharat Chandramouli

Environmental Laboratory Product Manager, North America

Bharat Chandramouli is a senior scientist with 20+ years of experience in the occurrence, fate and transport of persistent organic pollutants and contaminants of emerging concern. He is a published author on several peer-review articles and book chapters on atmospheric chemistry, PFAS measurement, PPCP occurrence, semivolatiles fate and transport and more. At SGS, Bharat manages the development of new products and services in North America, provides technical leadership on analytical methods and coordinates between product development, sales, management and clients to ensure that SGS services meets everyone’s needs.



Multivariate Analysis of Targeted Isotope-Dilution PFAS Data to Site Characterization and Remediation

The assessment of the contributions of varied sources to PFAS levels in water and soil is critical for site characterization and selection of remediation approaches. While new advances in the use of untargeted analytical measurement workflows hold promise for PFAS characterization and fingerprinting, these techniques are not widely available. In contrast, targeted isotope dilution methods for PFAS analysis have been used for over 15 years to generate quantitative data on a sub-set of PFAS. The upcoming standard isotope-dilution method in preparation by the US-EPA will, pending successful validation, use a targeted list of 40 PFAS for monitoring water, solids and tissue. In this study, we use uni- and multivariate statistics to understand whether targeted PFAS data from a comprehensive list is sufficient to distinguish PFAS sources based on occurrence and relative concentration of PFAS measured, and which PFAS are relevant for source characterization and remediation.


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