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Andrzej Wesolowski
Andrzej Wesolowski


I was born in Poland. In 1969 I graduated Polytechnic in Lodz, Poland with Master Degree in Refrigeration. My entire life I’ve worked for refrigeration industry from a design engineer position to the Director of the Research Center. In the USA I worked for Carrier, York, Embraco, and Secop. Working for Carrier in 1992 I cooperated with Du Pont to develop new refrigerants. This project inspired me to study climate change. I have written two technical text books, 150 papers and presentation on refrigeration and in last 3 years I’ve published 6 papers on climate change in Polish Technical Journals.



The Global Warming subject is very controversial and has had already divided our society. In the present work, the history of the climate change and the Global Warming Movement is discussed. What makes this presentation unique is the different point of view on the cause of the climate change and what can be eventually done to protect our planet against temperature rise. In course of time we have learned what really happened to our climate and our society. The causes behind the inevitable global warming movement are explained. The movement leads us to globalization. In first part I discuss organizations with goal of Globalization. In the second part I introduce scientists, who contributed to the Global Warming Movement. In the last part I’ll review the real cause of climate change, which we have observed in the last several years. I’ll show that we, as a society, cannot control those changes.

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