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Andrew Punsoni
Andrew Punsoni

Pacific Northwest District Manager

Mr. Punsoni is the Northwest District Manager at Regenesis. In this role, Mr. Punsoni is responsible for managing all design and implementation of Regenesis projects in the American Northwest and Western Canada. His diverse background includes work at retail sites, industrial manufacturing plants and federal facilities. His roles on these remediation projects include lab analysis, field implementation, oversight and design. In his career, he has worked on hundreds of remediation sites across North America, South America, Europe and Australia. Many of these projects had difficult conditions and challenging logistics. Mr. Punsoni holds a Master’s degree from The University of Washington.


Colloidal Activated Carbon for in situ Remediation of PFAS: A Review of Multiple Case Studies

This presentation reviews data from multiple field sites where colloidal activated carbon has been utilized to remediate PFAS contamination. Sites discussed include the Solvents Recovery Service of New England Superfund site, and a former furniture manufacturing facility in Canada, among others. Further important questions, including the ability to distribute the colloidal activated carbon in the subsurface, the long-term efficacy, and design considerations, will also be addressed.??

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