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Thomas Szocinski
Thomas Szocinski

Director of Vapor Intrusion
Land Science, Division of Regenesis

Thomas Szocinski is the Director of Vapor Intrusion of Land Science®, a division of REGENESIS, Inc. Thomas is a nationally recognized vapor intrusion expert with over 15 years’ experience as an environmental scientist, focusing on vapor intrusion assessment and mitigation, remediation, site assessment, and Brownfield site management. He has served on both state and federal regulatory vapor intrusion review boards, assisting with development of vapor intrusion and mitigation guidance, regulations, and exposure criteria. He has designed and implemented numerous nationally recognized and award winning vapor mitigation systems across the United States for both private and government sites. Thomas earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Lake Superior State University in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.


Regulatory Directed CVOC Vapor Intrusion/Mitigation and Remedial Approach Site

In 2009, the Michigan's DEQ began state-funded activities at an industrial plating facility in southwest Michigan to determine the nature and extent of contamination emanating from an area of the facility where degreasing agents were used. CVOC's impacted groundwater was identified in a ¼ mile long shallow plume ranging from 2-5 feet in depth migrating from the site and through a residential area. Further investigation of the residences identified contaminated groundwater within many of the basements sumps, posing a potential VI threat.? REMEDY ADDRESSING DIRECT CONTACT AND VAPOR INTRUSION - The basement sumps were capped and vented and a contaminant vapor intrusion protection coating (Retro-Coat™) was applied to the floor and walls of the residential. GW REMEDIATION - For the groundwater plume, a multi-phase injection approach including electron donor, bioaugmentation and liquid activated carbon (LAC) substrates was implemented. Biobarriers were used for future migration of residual CVOCs.

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