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Thomas Daigle
Thomas Daigle

Project Manager
GEI Consultants

Tom Daigle is a geologist and project manager leading GEI’s LNAPL transmissivity testing practice. Mr. Daigle specializes in both the field testing procedures and analysis methods for LNAPL site characterization, transmissivity metrics, and remediation. He has been with GEI over 10 years working on a wide range of environmental projects and supporting GEI’s civil and geotechnical engineering services.



LNAPL Transmissivity at Complex Sites: Innovative Field Testing and Analysis Methods

Sites impacted by light non-aqueous phase liquid (LNAPL) present unique challenges for site management and remediation. LNAPL transmissivity is the preferred metric used by industry professionals to assess the feasibility of LNAPL hydraulic recovery rather than relying on measured apparent LNAPL thickness in wells. Techniques will be presented to overcome challenges in transmissivity testing such as: small apparent NAPL thickness, fluctuating water tables, long test durations, confined or perched hydrogeologic conditions, etc. GEI will discuss pre-test data needs, optimal test method selection, and multiple analysis tools available to accurately measure and report transmissivity under a variety of complex site conditions. GEI will also discuss innovative technology developed in recent years to support transmissivity field testing and analysis. The importance of collecting accurate and reliable transmissivity data is more apparent as the metric gains nationwide regulatory acceptance and may be used to advance sites toward remediation and regulatory end points.

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