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Stephen Koenigsberg
Stephen Koenigsberg

EN Rx, Inc.

Dr. Stephen Koenigsberg, President of EN Rx, has over three decades of experience in the environmental industry, Steve is recognized for the development and application of innovative remediation protocols, authoring or co-authoring over 175 technical articles, four books and four international patents. In 1994 he co-founded Regenesis as VP R&D, before moving into senior consulting positions in 2006. Professional recognitions include a Lifetime Achievement Award from AEHS and a WSJ Technology Development Award. Dr. Koenigsberg, has been an Adjunct Professor for 33 years, including 15 at Cal State Fullerton. He has a B.A. from CCNY and an M.S./Ph.D. from Cornell.


A Novel and Cost Effective Time-Release ISCO Strategy

EN Rx ReagentTM is an inorganic additive that is added to hydrogen peroxide as an unconventional and powerful stabilizer, Fenton’s Reagent, when catalyzed with iron, has a violent exotherm. This may not seem be a problem, if the reagent is successfully injected into the subsurface and does not “daylight”, but elevated temperatures and can desorb contaminants and make the situation worse. While it seems counterintuitive, EN Rx Reagent is actually a catalyzed hydrogen peroxide that is simultaneously activated and stabilized - such that it literally forms a slow release hydrogen peroxide-based generation of the desired free radicals. This creates a treatment longevity profile of several months, which considerably longer than what is achieved with other stabilized hydrogen peroxide additives and presents an insignificant temperature and pressure rise. Several case studies will be presented that illuminate the advantages of this particular ISCO strategy in terms of field results.

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