Remediation Technology Summit

Stephen Koenigsberg
Stephen Koenigsberg

EN Rx, Inc.

Steve Koenigsberg, is the President of EN Rx.  Across three decades in the  industry, Steve has become known for his work in the development and application of innovative remediation protocols, authoring/co-authoring over 175 technical articles.  In 1994 he co-founded Regenesis and served as VP R&D, before moving into senior consulting positions starting in 2006.  Professional recognition includes a Lifetime Achievement Award from AEHS and a WSJ Technology Development Award. Dr. Koenigsberg, has been an Adjunct Professor for 32 years, the last 15 at the Cal State Fullerton. He has a B.A. from CCNY and an M.S./Ph.D. from Cornell University.  



Segmented Horizontal Well Systems for Site Assessment and Remediation

The deployment of horizontal wells for site assessment and remediation has experienced a revival due to decreased cost and greater flexibility in deployment. The latter is specifically tied to moving from monolithic single well systems, that are subject to preferential path distortions, to segmented well systems.  The resultant discretized horizontal profiling brings additional accuracy to assessment at sites, especially those challenged by access issues and also provides more directed treatment operations.  Conceptual Site Modela (CSMs) can be significantly enhanced with new perspectives and, on a case by case basis, there can be significant economic advantages.  Several case studies will be presented that illuminate the advantages of segmented horizontal well systems, that also incorporate miniaturization and nested bundling methods into the process.  The improved flexibility and the integrity of the data sets that are collected and the ability to deliver reagents with improved precision will be illustrated.

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