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Song Jin
Song Jin

Principal Scientist
Advanced Environmental Technologies, LLC

Dr. Song Jin is a Principal Scientist at Advanced Environmental Technologies LLC, Fort Collins, Colorado.  He also serves as the Associate Director of Center for Biogenic Natural Gas Research and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Wyoming.  Dr. Jin has over 20 years of experience in developing and applying remediation technologies for various contaminants, including the patented bioelectrochemical technologies for treating petroleum and chlorinated contaminants in groundwater, soil, and sediment, to be presented at this conference.  Dr. Jin received his Ph.D. in environmental biogeochemistry from the University of Wyoming in 1997.  He holds 25 US and international patents, and has published over 160 papers in peer-review journals and conferences.  



A Novel Bio Electrochemical Technology for Enhanced In Situ Degradation and Mass Removal of Contaminants

Major challenges to contaminant mass removal remediation methods is the slow back diffusion of contaminants from lower permeability soils into groundwater in the subsurface, and low permeable matrix that prohibits delivery of remedial amendments.  As a result, the operational times of many existing mass removal-based remedial systems to achieve site closure have been estimated to be several decades or even longer. Bio-electrochemical redox enhancement is a low-cost technology that can significantly enhance the back diffusion of contaminants such as chlorinated solvents and certain petroleum hydrocarbons.  Meanwhile, this technology also enhances both biological and abiotic destruction of contaminants. Case studies have demonstrated that the bio electrochemical technique significantly enhances contaminant desorption/back diffusion and in situ degradation of chlorinated and petroleum contaminants.


Song Jin and Paul Fallgren

Advanced Environmental Technologies, LLC; 4025 Automation Way, Suite F-4, Fort Collins, CO 80525, USA; Telephone: (970) 449-9711


Matthew Larsen

CGRS Inc., 1301 Academy Court, Fort Collins, CO 80524 , Telephone: (970) 493-7780


Jennifer Strauss

Division of Oil and Public Safety, Department of Labor and Employment, Denver, CO 80202, USA, Telephone: (303) 318-8548


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