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Shahul Hameed
Shahul Hameed

Practice Leader - North America

I am a research scholar in Environmental Engineering. My research area is transport modelling and behaviour of VOC from industrial contaminants in soil and groundwater. My research interests also include: - Pollutant dispersion studies in ambient air - Novel techniques for brackish water desalination - Physico-chemical methods for removal of dyes from industrial effluent - Dynamic modelling of pollutant fate and dispersion in multimedia environment - Non-conventional energy sources.


Multiphase Transport modeling of Petroleum BTX in subsoils

The main theme of talk is to address the transport modeling of petroleum BTX in subsoil using Computational Fluid Dynamics tools. The talk also sheds light on long term attenuation of volatile contaminants in subsurface via studies conducted on rate of leaching and volatilization of BTX.

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