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Ryan Blanchard
Ryan Blanchard

Vice President of Business Development
Willowstick Technologies

Mr. Blanchard possesses over twenty years’ sales management experience in the construction manufacturing and environmental containment industries. Prior to joining Willowstick, he served as Director of Sales, North America for GSE Environmental, and before that as Vice-President for Agel Enterprises, where he developed and executed strategies to enter global markets including South America and Asia-Pacific. Prior to joining Agel, Mr. Blanchard served in several management positions for Hilti Corporation from 2001 to 2008. His positions included Regional Sales Manager and Market Manager. Mr. Blanchard holds a Masters in Business Administration from Thunderbird, The American Graduate School of International Management.


Magnetometric Resistivity as an Effective Tool for Understanding Contaminant Transport Pathways

The injection of a low frequency electrical current in the ground between two electrodes generates a magnetic field that can be measured at the ground surface with sensitive magnetic sensors. The map of the magnetic field, measured at the frequency of the injected current, can be used in turn to determine the position of the current paths in the ground. When the current is channelled by conductive paths, the magnetometric resistivity (MMR) method can be used to detect these paths. A case study, from a tailings impoundment at a Zinc Mine in North America is also shown. Several preferential paths of electric current were identified and interpreted as preferential seepage flow paths transporting Acid Rock Drainage (ARD) from a waste rock dump into a tailings impoundment. This method has been shown to be an effective tool to model preferential seepage flow paths and assist in targeting remedial works.

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