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Russell Hogdahl
Russell Hogdahl

Project Engineer
Woodard and Curran

Russell Hogdahl is a professional engineer with over 15 years of experience in environmental assessment and remediation of retail and industrial facilities. Russell possesses extensive experience in the design and management of water treatment systems and advanced remediation technologies, including thermal, chemical oxidation/reduction and bio-augmentation. He possesses a thorough understanding of New Jersey’s Air and Water permitting programs. Russell earned his B.S. in Chemical engineering from Rutgers University in 2004 and holds P.E. certifications in NJ, NY, and PA.


ISCO Injection Approach in Shallow, Low Permeability Soils with Subsurface Utilities: Optimizing Oxidant Efficiency using Dynamic Implementation Strategy

There are multiple oxidants to consider when designing an ISCO remedy. Each oxidant has strengths and limitations. This presentation will demonstrate how oxidant selection can be driven by unique site conditions and how careful planning and dynamic implementation can highlight an oxidant’s strengths and minimize its limitations. An aging network of utilities was concern for the ISCO remedy. For this reason, sodium percarbonate, a less aggressive oxidant, that would not react with subsurface piping, was selected. While percarbonate has the advantage of being non-corrosive, it has limitations including oxidative strength and shorter subsurface reactivity. 46,000 pounds of reagent were injected during a six-month period over multiple events. This approach significantly increased contact time between the oxidant and COCs and took advantage of soil flushing properties of the oxidant to desorb soil contamination. Groundwater sampling data demonstrated a significant reduction in COCs with >70% of monitoring locations exhibiting decreases averaging >85%.

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