Remediation Technology Summit

Russell Hogdahl
Russell Hogdahl

Project Engineer
Woodard and Curran

Russell Hogdahl is a professional engineer with over 14 years of experience in environmental assessment and remediation of retail and industrial facilities. Russell possesses extensive experience in the design and management of water treatment systems and advanced remediation technologies, including thermal, chemical oxidation/reduction and bio-augmentation. He possesses a thorough understanding of New Jersey’s Air and Water permitting programs. Russell earned his B.S. in Chemical engineering from Rutgers University in 2004 and holds P.E. certifications in NJ and PA.


Leveraging Warm Water from a Source Area Thermal Remedy for Synergistic Biotic and Abiotic Degradation for a Downgradient CVOC Plume

Warmth from source-area thermal remedies persists and can generate a warm water plume downgradient from the thermal treatment area. This warmth can accelerate microbial activity as well as desorption. We leveraged that warm water for a synergistic biotic and abiotic remedy in the proximal portion of a plume in a dense urban area. The plume is comprised primarily of TCE and its products and migrates 2,000 feet downgradient in an urban area. Two permeable reactive treatment zones were constructed in accessible areas of the plume immediately downgradient of the source area, using a blend of ZVI and fermentable carbon to enhance biodegradation and provide an abiotic degradation mechanism if groundwater becomes too warm for microbial activity. VOC and stable isotope data confirm nearly 100% degradation in the upgradient barrier and in the deep zone in the downgradient barrier, and 75% degradation in the shallow zone of the downgradient barrier.

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