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Peter Cartwright
Peter Cartwright

Cartwright Consulting Co.

Peter has owned a consulting engineering company since 1980, has been in the water/wastewater treatment industry for 45 years, and has consulted for over 250 clients during that time. He has presented over 300 lectures, and written more that 300 articles as well as book chapters. Peter is on the Technical Review Committee of Water Conditioning & Purification Magazine and the Editorial Advisory Boards of Industrial WaterWorld and Filtration News Magazines. With a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of MN, he is also a Registered Professional Engineer in that state.


Trace Contaminant in Our Drinking Water Supplies

The public is becoming more conscious of threats to our health from the air we breathe, food we eat and water we drink. Water contamination events such as the "Flint crisis" are making us more aware of chemicals in drinking water that can't be seen, smelled or tasted. These are primarily organic chemicals known as PPCPs (pharmaceutical and personal care products), and are mostly the result of normal human activity. Another cause for concern is the rapid of accumulation of particles in our water supplies. Most of these are from plastics, and since they don't biodegrade in the environments, with the exception of incineration, virtually every molecule of plastic ever made is still around. This lecture identifies these waterborne contaminants, addresses their sources, and offers strategies to slow the alarming growth rate and even provide some protection of our drinking water in the home.

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