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Norma Villagomez-Marquez
Norma Villagomez-Marquez

Ph.D. Student
The University of Arizona

Norma is a Ph.D. student in Soil, Water and Environmental Science at the University of Arizona. She has a background in Environmental Engineering. Norma is a 2018 Carson Scholars given to excellent and diverse graduate students who are studying renewable energy, environment, and social justice. She was selected as a 2018 Singapore UNLEASH Innovation Lab Talent by the UN to participate in the development of solutions for Sustainable Development Goal # 6 Clean Water and Sanitation. Her doctoral research examines the presence of emerging contaminants in harvested rainwater using analytical techniques, particularly liquid chromatography high-resolution mass spectrometry (LC-HRMS).


Investigating Emerging Contaminants in Harvested Rainwater (HRW) via Co-Created Citizen Science Using Analytical Techniques, Particularly Liquid Chromatography High-resolution Mass Spectrometry (LC-HRMS)

Today, about 40% of the global population lives in arid and semi-arid environments. In these areas water scarcity concerns are common. For centuries, rainwater harvesting has been used as a water conservation measure, particularly where other water resources are scarce. Harvested rainwater (HRW) is one possible alternative to address this global issue. Project Harvest (PH) is a citizen scientist driven program that teaches communities across the state of Arizona the scientific method. Over the course of three years, participants will collect rooftop HRW samples and send them to be analyzed for organic and inorganic contaminants at University of Arizona. PH seeks to fortify informal science learning in underserved communities and help generate water quality guidelines and recommendations for non-potable HRW domestic use. Specifically, we aim to investigate the presence of thirty target analyte chemicals in HRW by applying high-resolution liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (HR-LC-MS/MS).

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