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Francisco Barajas
Neil Hutchinson

President and Principal Scientist
Hutchinson Environmental Sciences Ltd.

Dr. Hutchinson is President of Hutchinson Environmental Sciences Ltd. His professional career has focussed on pollutants and stressors of aquatic systems, with a focus extending from geochemical to laboratory to whole-watershed levels of investigation and a specialization in PreCambrian Shield systems.  His clients include municipal, provincial and federal governments and Boards, First Nations and private sector developers, industry and mining companies across Canada. He has contributed to the environmental assessment process across the country and assisted with the development and implementation of monitoring programs to assess environmental  responses to mitigation and remediation for a variety of projects.  



A Response Framework Linking Environmental Assessment to Environmental Regulation thru Adaptive Management     

A “Response Framework” was developed to guide adaptive management of water quality through the operations and closure of diamond mining projects in Canada’s Northwest Territories. The Response Framework is a systematic process to link EA predictions to aquatic  monitoring results and adaptive management actions in the regulatory process, to respond to changes that were not predicted or to inform continual improvement in environmental outcomes. Specific management actions need not be defined a priori, but are developed in response to changes documented by monitoring programs. The Framework requires proponents to derive measurable definitions of significant adverse impacts (“thresholds) during the EA process and to translate these to “action levels” during the regulatory phase – pre-defined levels of environmental change that trigger staged management responses to prevent significant adverse impacts. The framework could be easily modified to consider thresholds and action levels of remediation outcomes.                


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