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Michael Healey
Michael Healey

Laboratory Manager

Michael is an environmental scientist with an Honours Bachelor Degree of Science in Chemistry from the University of Guelph. Over the past 5 years Michael has managed numerous bench-scale studies evaluating remediation technologies for contaminants including chlorinated solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons and other recalcitrant compounds in soil, sediment, and groundwater. He has also been involved in developing protocols for evaluating new technologies in the laboratory (i.e., electrokinetics, combined chemical oxidation chemistries) and new analyical techniques. Michael has several years of passive sampling experience and was a lead member in the development and commercialization of the SP3™ sampler.


Using Passive Sampling as a Decision Making Tool

Passive sampling devices (PSDs) present many advantages over conventional sample collection methods for quantifying hydrophobic organic compound (HOC) availability in sediment, soil, surface water and stormwater in terms of cost and data quality. PSDs provide data to estimate contaminant bioavailability and toxicity to environmental receptors that is more accurate than conventional grab or mechanically-extracted samples, as it quantifies freely-dissolved contaminants. This presentation will highlight examples where PSDs have been used in the laboratory and in the field to make decisions on site investigation and remediation, as well as additional techniques and advancements to simplify and improve sampling and lower costs. Additionally, the presentation will review our recent advances in deploying samplers without the use of scuba divers, optimizing ex situ passive sampling with small sediment and soil samples, and the evaluation of new analytes.

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