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Mark Kluger
Mark Kluger

Vice President
TRS Group

A graduate of Johns Hopkins University, Mark Kluger has extensive experience in subsurface characterization and remediation technologies. Mark manages TRS Group’s business development efforts and works closely with the research and development team, investigating the application of in situ thermal remediation technologies for emerging contaminants, including PFAS and energetic compounds. Mark is a long-standing member of ITRC, working with the DNAPL and PFAS teams.


Thermal Remediation of PFAS

Because PFAS resist in situ treatment, the common remedy is pumping impacted groundwater to treatment systems at the surface, which usually have been granular activated carbon or ion exchange resins. As the depositional history of PFAS is primarily from the surface application of fire-fighting foams, the majority of PFAS resides in the vadose zone. Recent bench testing evaluated the effects of PFAS treatment by volatilization at elevated temperatures. The testing drove temperatures of the PFAS to levels where they exhibited elevated vapor pressures; and a vapor collection system collected the volatilized PFAS for subsequent treatment, for off-site disposal. The Department of Defense has funded two pilot studies through its Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP) for the removal of PFAS from soils: one for the removal of PFAS from the vadose zone and the other for soil stockpiles. The presentation will discuss the PFAS volatilization process, related challenges, and results.

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