Remediation Technology Summit

Jeff Popiel
Jeff Popiel


Jeffrey Popiel graduated from the University of Colorado with a BS in Finance and Accounting in 1992. Jeff’s team develops new equipment as well as improving existing technology for state-of-the-art products used in environmental engineering applications in over 100 countries for 20,000 companies. Jeff shares his leadership talents with many organizations including fundraising for the Ronald McDonald House Charities, an on-line high-school called Provost Academy Colorado, the World Trade Center of Denver for which Geotech was awarded the Strategic Partner of the year award and Certificate of Excellence for Export Achievement in 2011.


10 Biggest Mistakes Groundwater Remediation

Environmental engineers are often confronted with difficult decisions about how best to address requirements for remediation and/or compliance. The engineer is responsible for determining the appropriate technical course to undertake in defining an acceptable level of residual contamination, identifying appropriate contractors, and assessing final reports and work efforts. The environmental engineer is responsible to identify which of these tools is most appropriate to the specific conditions found at the site. This presentation covers the ten biggest mistakes in groundwater remediation as identified by industry experts. Ways to avoid these mistakes will be reviewed and discussed.

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