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Jacob Gallagher
Jacob Gallagher

Business Development Manager
Directed Technologies Drilling

After studying Chemical Biology at UC Berkeley, Jacob Gallagher chose the most obvious career path at the time and got a job as a driller’s helper and hasn’t looked back. After 14 years of working in the drilling industry, he is proud to have been involved in a wide array of interesting projects ranging across the entire spectrum of environmental investigation and remediation. He currently works as a business development manager for Directed Technologies Drilling and is based in Denver Colorado.


Horizontal Injection Wells - Keys and Caveats

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) has been used for a wide variety of groundwater remediation applications. This presentation will discuss specifically how the method is applied to injection wells. The basic tenets of HDD operations and well installation techniques will be covered with extra attention focused on considerations unique to injection wells such as screen design, mud properties and well development. The presentation will conclude with a case study that highlights sodium lactate injection wells that were installed under an active air field.

Installing Horizontal SVE Wells Under Occupied Buildings - Mitigating Vapor Intrusion Without the Intrusion

Vapor Intrusion mitigation systems are relatively easy to install in new construction because they can be incorporated into the foundation of the building but installing these systems under existing structures can present a real challenge, particularly if the building is currently occupied. The installation of soil vapor extraction (SVE) wells using horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is a potentially elegant solution that requires minimal disruption to a building’s occupants. The presentation will discuss key field practices that are critical to ensuring SVE wells installed using HDD work as intended and will share several short case studies where this technology has been successfully employed.

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