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Harry Behzadi
Harry Behzadi

Vice President of Business Development

Dr. Harry Behzadi is currently Vice President of Business Development for SGS-EHS North America. Most recently he was the Vice President of Operations, for TestAmerica Inc Eastern region and prior to that responsible for west . before joing SGS. He was VP of operations, and Corporate Technical Director for Accutest Laboratories, Inc. Since 1994, Dr. Behzadi had spearheaded growth and expansion of Accutest Corporation in the Southeast and beyond to the West Coast. He started Southeast division in 1995 and developed the lab from a handful of employees to one of the  largest environmental laboratory in the South.




Remote Vapor Intrusion Air Sampling  Using SGS-Smart Sense

For monitoring situations that would benefit from the ability to capture intermittent vapor emissions, SGS Smart Sense, allows you to get the job done remotely from wherever you are in the world. SGS Smart Sense, the only sampling initiation system available in the industry, tracks key parameters including VOCs, particle concentrations, O3, NO2, temperature, pressure and humidity, and other contaminants, with available sensors. It can remotely or automatically, based on pre-set triggering concentrations, actuate switches that control sampling pumps and whole air solenoid valves. This allows for a sample to be collected in a Summa canister as a vapor is being emitted rather than collecting a diluted composite sample that may or may not accurately reflect the presence and/or concentration of a pollutant. This innovative technology can also be utilized for other air monitoring situations such as Vapor intrusion.

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